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As we enter in to June, I think about what I was doing last summer. I had the privilege to plan and partake in Girls Camp. I went to Girls Camp as a Young Woman from age 12-18. I loved it. I became a better person because of it. I was able to draw closer to God and become more aware of nature and the wonders of it. I understood more fully what it meant to see nature as a temple. I found this quote by Anne Frank while prepping for camp. I read it all the time now. It reminds this home body to go outside and be reminded that nature is a cure for any ailments I may have.
Happy Summer, everyone!!


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Carla is one glowy pregnant lady. She looked so beautiful as we took photos. There was a good amount of “model wind” but we used it to our advantage.

She has since had that her cute kiddo and let me tell you what, she is adorable, just like her siblings. I am so happy that I was able to take more photos of the sweet Woods family. I love being able to see families grow and grow up. Such a great part of what I do.

I love this last shot. I couldn’t help but giggle at their cuteness.

There is something about every family that I discover during the photo shoot. The Wankier Family has great smiles and flawless skin! hahaha!  But seriously, with every photo I was editing I realized that they are a pretty good looking family.

It was a pretty windy day, but we decided it was really model hair wind. We worked our way through a lot of terrain and every one worked the camera like a champ! I absolutely loooooved taking their pictures. They were up for anything and looked gorgeous while doing it. They were a dream to work with.

Thank you Wankier Family!

Oh wait…of course! Here is the slideshow! Without music, check it out below. With music, click the link!

A few years ago I was able to take a short trip to America’s capital, Washington, DC. It was an amazing experience that I am grateful to have had. I grew to love my country even more after being able to tour such a beautiful city.

There were two places out of all that we visited that touched me the most. One of them was Arlington National Cemetery. It was the last place I was able to visit before having to board a plane back to Las Vegas.

At the entrance there is a sign that says “Please remember these are hallowed grounds”. I believe there are sacred places on earth. That we can find them when we need them most and when we stop to look for them.

Arlington National Cemetery is one of them.

There are rows and rows of headstones of men and women who died for the freedoms I am privileged to partake of.

There were a few times, despite the wind and the threat of rain that I was able to have a moment to see the peace, beauty and brightness that existed in such a place. I teared up a few times overcome with love and respect for such a place to exist.

Today I celebrate the greatest country on this earth. The privilege I enjoy to believe and have faith in what I choose; the ability to dream to the moon and back…..and succeed.

I also thank God for founding fathers and innovators who set a foundation that created a burning desire and will to maintain a country that begs for change, understanding, and freedom.

As a photographer, I shouldn’t love sun flare, but I do.


I love it a LOT.

I have a lot of sessions to post, they are a-comin’, I promise!

Keep a look out!