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Carla is one glowy pregnant lady. She looked so beautiful as we took photos. There was a good amount of “model wind” but we used it to our advantage.

She has since had that her cute kiddo and let me tell you what, she is adorable, just like her siblings. I am so happy that I was able to take more photos of the sweet Woods family. I love being able to see families grow and grow up. Such a great part of what I do.

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I met Holly and Andrew years ago when they hadn’t even started dating yet. I’m so glad that they found each other and have grown their cute family into three.

It was a beautiful day at Tule Springs. The weather was lovely (no wind, surprisingly…haha) and the light was perfect.

It was great catching up with them and to capture this moment in their lives for them.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

I love this last shot. I couldn’t help but giggle at their cuteness.

There is something about every family that I discover during the photo shoot. The Wankier Family has great smiles and flawless skin! hahaha!  But seriously, with every photo I was editing I realized that they are a pretty good looking family.

It was a pretty windy day, but we decided it was really model hair wind. We worked our way through a lot of terrain and every one worked the camera like a champ! I absolutely loooooved taking their pictures. They were up for anything and looked gorgeous while doing it. They were a dream to work with.

Thank you Wankier Family!

Oh wait…of course! Here is the slideshow! Without music, check it out below. With music, click the link!


I met Carla from my other job.

Yes, if you didn’t know, I have another job.

I love it, but photography will always be my first love. Why? Because of people and families like Carla.

Not only is Carla hilarious, so is her family. And her kids are super adorable.

We took pictures on a beautiful summer morning at Tule Springs. One of my favorite things about Tule Springs, there are so many places to photograph and it never gets old.

I had a conversation not too long ago. This is how it went:

“Lori what type of editing do you do in Photoshop?”

“I will edit blemishes, maybe lighten or darken a photo, sometimes bump up the color. If I am going to do any sort of  major Photoshopping it will be obvious. But for the most part, I edit a photo so you don’t notice it.”

“What do you mean, so I don’t notice it?”

That is when I tried to explain, I don’t edit photos to prove I have edited a photo. I want you to see the people and places in a picture, not any sort of heavy editing in photo. It takes away from the purpose of why I take pictures. I want to show the light in people’s eyes. To see the beauty I see. Personality and relationships and love. I try to edit in the way that though there may be editing, I don’t want you to think about your photo being edited.

If you would have never seen the “before” picture, you would you thought I did a lot of Photoshopping to the “after” picture?

My goal is that your answer is no.

Granted, this means, sometimes my clients wonder what they have paid me for (hahaha), but in this day and age, when photos are manipulated to the point of awful distortion and lack of realism and truth, I don’t want to be a part of that.

I have thought time and again to go back to film for that very reason. It keeps you honest and makes you work hard and think better. But I also enjoy technology. I love looking at a picture right after I take it…if I need to. I like the option to take 15 pictures in 15 seconds. I am able to capture some amazing real moments when I am able to hit that shutter button numerous times in a matter of seconds. If you ask any of those who have been in front of my camera, they have heard that shutter go off a lot at times.

So I try my hardest to find the truth that film brings by thinking about the photo I’m taking while still taking advantage of technology.

I hope this brings a little more understanding to my post work and the work I do in Photoshop, or don’t do in Photoshop. (;

I am happy to talk more about things related to photography, the things I have learned about having a small business and about photography in general. I have had the opportunity to share a meal or two with a few different people to discuss anything photography related…or not related and I just ended up making a good friend! (:

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