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…my life made an amazing shift. This movement changed me. It made me better. Part of that change was because of two wonderful people.

In 2010 I knocked on a hotel room door unsure of who exactly was going to be on the other side. I knew it would it would be a woman, I knew she was from England and I knew she was getting married on that day. When the door opened this gorgeous woman in a knee length wedding dress opened the door.

Her warmth matched her beauty. Believe me, I was nervous. She eased every fear and nerves I had the minute I saw her smiling face. She started talking a mile a minute in her fantastic English accent.

And then she handed me a box in the mist of her talking and said it was a small gift. I was shocked. I have never had a bride give me a gift. And to boot it was chocolate from Harrods.


I don’t know what it was, but I was beyond moved the moment I met Madeleine.

Madeleine then went on to tell me as we drove to the place they were getting married that I was basically their only guest. I remember her saying that ‘yeah, there would be the people there to work the ceremony, but I would be there too.’ I was no longer just someone paid to be at her wedding, but a guest, someone she wanted there. I was so happy to be there, more than I was before. More than before she asked me to shoot her wedding over email, more than when she opened that hotel room door and believe it or not, more than when she handed me that box of chocolate. (;

I had a few moments with Terry before he was about to get married. He was nervous. Even for someone who just met him, you could tell, it was an anxious nervous. The kind of excitement that is hard to contain. I rarely see a groom before he is married. I am usually with the bride and her bridesmaids. I absolutely loved being around Terry. I am a closet romantic (well not so much anymore) and to see a man in love, just makes me heart pitter patter with happiness. Terry was making me so happy my heart was about to burst.

There are people placed in your life for a reason and I was blessed to have Mads and Terry be just that kind of people. Their wedding day was magical. Not just for them, but for me as well. I made two new friends that day. It was a lot of fun and changed me as a photographer forever.


Happy Anniversary Terry and Madeleine. I hope your day is just as magical as it was two years ago!

Rob and Becky come all the way from London, England.

Becky and I have only communicated through email so I was excited to finally meet her and Rob in person. They are an amazing couple. They have been together for quite some time and fit so well together.

Most of the couples that I have had the privileged to capture their wedding in Las Vegas have come alone or with a really some group of family and friends. This was the larges group that came from the rain to the hot desert of Las Vegas. They were baking in the heat and dealing with a wind that felt like a constant blow dryer, but there was also no way they could not look good. As you will see, in the pictures, all good looking people!!

I could see and feel the love that the group had for Becky and Rob. I loved being around this awesome group of people!

Here is the slideshow below. Or click the link!

I don’t know how I get so lucky to have the brides and grooms that I have.

Tom and Desi are amazing people. Desi and I went back and forth often via email discussing the big day. And I knew through those emails that Desi was my kind of girl. Tom and Desi are pretty darn funny people. But you can also see how genuine and kind they are. I loved getting to know them and learning more about their relationship.

I knew that if Desi and Tom were that great, I could only imagine a party full of people who love them would be. And I was right. I have this habit when shooting weddings of wanting to make sure I don’t miss a moment to capture but Desi and Tom and the bridal party wasn’t standing for it! They made me join in on the dancing fun and shake my groove thing with them. They were a lot of fun and always making sure I was having a good time or if I needed a drink or some food. I was overwhelmed by their kindness.

This is THE longest post I think I have ever had. I couldn’t narrow it down! I had the hardest time. And let me tell you, the slideshow is much MUCH longer! (:

It was my first trip to Pahrump and very memorable! It was raining, which though is said to be good luck can add kinks to any wedding plans. The ceremony set to be outside was pushed into the reception hall. But it didn’t matter because all you could feel during the ceremony was love and support for this amazing couple.

Don’t forget to check out the slide show at the end.

I want to warn you…there are some rad jumping shots!

Um. Gorgeous.

SEE! See how awesome they all are!

I love these guys! haha! (:

Oh the dancing. There was a special request for the oh so fantastic hit “The Macarena”. These are my favorite dance shots!

The rain stopped for a little while and we are able to get some more great shots!


Only one awesome socked groomsman. Dinosaur socks!

These girls are so beautiful.

Here is the slideshow!! Check it out below or with music by clicking on the link!!


Kristal is my cousin. She was the cousin I played with the most growing up. We had sleepovers, we played in the parks, we were published in the Review Journal together (do you remember that Kristal?), our families had 4th of July parties and spent a lot of time together. Just fun cousin stuff!

Before Kristal got engaged we had some Facebook conversations about her possible, maybe, kinda sorta near the point of engagement and I was pretty excited for that, so when she actually got engaged I was ecstatic for my cousin!

Stu is so laid back and go with the flow. When we sat down to talk about the wedding day he was so chill, I had poke fun a few times to make sure he was still kickin’! (: hahaha! He is such a nice guy and I am so happy he married myyyy cousin!

Here are a few shots of Stu and Kristal’s big day! My favorite unique detail had to be the “flowers”! Such a fun idea!


Workin’ it Kristal! (:

See, even with our difference, we can all get along! hahaha!

As always. Slideshow below…or here is a link with some of the awesome music that was played at the reception (a ton more shots in the slideshow)!

I have known the Massey Family for a number of years. They are a ton of fun and I enjoy being around them. Kali was always one of those amazing friends that no matter how little or long time it has been since we’ve seen each other, we are just able to pick up where we left off. The thing is, Kali is that way with everyone, she is friends with everyone she meets. You can’t help but love Kali after meeting her.

When I received a Facebook message from Kali just sorta kinda asking after possible dates that I am available to shoot her wedding, I actually jumped a little bit in my chair. I was so excited for her. We did a little catching up through email and I was so excited to hear about her marriage to Mike.

I met Mike and his family for the first time at the St. George Utah LDS Temple. The Evans’ family is hilarious. They were very warm, kind and found ways to always sneak in a good laugh. As we took pictures around the grounds, I could see why Kali and Mike were a perfect match. Kali has an amazing laugh. You can’t help but laugh when Kali laughs. And Mike is funny. So you could only imagine the kind of fun we were having as we took photos and through the reception.

Here are a few shots from the day! Let’s start with my favorite from the whole day. They were beaming and this only proved it!

This is what I mean about both families being a hoot! I yelled out “it’s time for a goofy picture¬† before I let you all go!” and they all kinda looked at each other, whispered a few things, and basically all turned around at once. I was cracking up!

Kali’s glam squad! (:

Second favorite of the day. Love how the light is touches their faces. Awe, so cute! (; haha!

Heellllloooooo gorgeous!! Someone is looking AAAAAAmazing!

love. Love. LOVED. Kali’s flowers. So pretty and fresh.

More pictures from the reception on the slideshow. Here is the link! Or watch below. Enjoy!