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I love this girl! Ashley has grown into such a beautiful young woman inside and out! I am very excited to see all the amazing things she will do.

If there was a day that the wind really worked to our favor, it was for Ashley’s shoot. Her gorgeous hair created some fantastic model hair! haha!

I was able to take her brother’s senior pictures a few years ago and I just have to say, I love this family.

Pretty much every shot I took of this gorgeous girl, I loved…so I am shocked I got this narrowed down a few.

Thanks for taking a look! (:


I am really excited for this casting call. I am looking for one senior delegate from high schools around the Las Vegas/Henderson area. You must be graduating in the Class of 2012 and be a delegate for Lori Wong Photography.

Here is some more info:





So now I bet you are wondering what the “catch” is right? And what are the bonus’? Well check this out too:


Delegates must have their photo shoot done by September 10th. Their friends must mention your name at booking to receive credit for your bonus. If your friend uses one of your delegate cards, they will also get a $25 print credit with their session.

Wondering what schools I might be talking about…

Palo Verde, Centennial, Arbor View, Cimarron, Western, Cheyenne, Bonanza, A-Tech, Canyon Springs, Durango, Foothill, Legacy, Green Valley, Shadow Ridge…on and on! (:

So this is some exciting stuff right?! I know! So as you read above, I am looking for ONE delegate from high schools around the Valley. If you are interested or know a high school senior who would be great for this (guy or gal) then email me, to apply.


Here are some shots from past senior sessions:

Email me soon, you don’t want someone else from your high school getting your cool free stuff!! And also don’t forget the deadline of September 10th!

I don’t want to be juuuuuust Facebook friends, but sometimes you gotta start somewhere…

So, if you haven’t done it yet, what’s stopping you? Like the Lori Wong Photography Facebook Page where we can start to have fun internet banter and jokes.

And then there may be moments out of no where that I may offer FREE things. Like mini-shoots, or when I need your opinion and that enters you in a drawing for a cool prize.


I’m a giver, not a taker…except if you are giving candy with caramel involved or hugs. Those are separate. I don’t want hugs that involve caramel. Thaaaaat would get sticky.

Okay wait, are you a guy? are you hot? are you single? There might be my ONLY exception. (; hahaha! Kiiiidding!  Anywho, I will except those without question.


So go, go, go…   THE LINK


And because blog posts aren’t fun with out pictures…

Spring wants to be more sprung if the weather would just cooperate!

I have known Chandler since he was around 12-13  years old. He was a great kid then and has grown into a pretty amazing young man. He is charming and charismatic. And I’m pretty sure he makes the girls swoon often with those dimples and sweet smile of his. I absolutely adore his family and so I know he comes from good stock! haha.

Chandler put up with a lot! Not only did he have to do a lot of smiling and posing he wasn’t too sure about, it also got pretty stinkin’ windy! And let me tell you, it had a good chill to it. Lucky for guys they don’t have to deal with hair whipping in their face! (;

Here are some of from the day…don’t forget to check out the slide show at the end…there will be a lot more shots!!

Chandler played AAAAAND sang for me. I had my own little private concert. And what was cooler, is that the acoustics were awesome with the sound of his acoustic guitar bouncing off the mountains and resonating in the slight cove we were in.

Gotta pop the collar! HA!

Seriously?! Who doesn’t love this guy! What a stud! (;

Look how calm and serene he seems. We were shivering. What a trooper!

Love that his tie is flying over his shoulder!!

Sweet…you can check out the slide show below (and not leave the blog). Or for a FULL experience with music click here: SLIDESHOW!

I am so excited about this high school senior session…

More to come…keep a look out!!