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So I’m pretty stinkin’ excited about this.

Some pictures of the beautiful couple Madeleine and Terry have been published in an international magazine, and not just any international magazine, but You & Your Wedding (which is a part of the Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine family).

You & Your Wedding, though published in England can also be found in the States. So run and pick up a copy today!

Here is a little screen shot of the website:

What the cover looks like (above picture).


Below is one of the shots in the magazine…pretty excited that of all the destination weddings and things they talked about in the article, Mads and Terry in front of the Vegas sign was picked to be online. So fun!


I am beyond thrilled for Madeleine and Terry. They are gorgeous, I loved every moment I spent with them and so excited that everyone can see how amazing they are.


I’ll post pictures from the article soon…if you can’t wait, go grab a copy before all my friends and family do! hahaha!