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Did a lot more night shooting this trip to Disneyland.

Love this shot. More to come…and not just Disneyland other recent shoots coming too.

I love Disneyland.

Just a few shots from my last visit to the happiest place on earth.

I can’t wait to go back.

San Antonio is home of the Alamo!

It is right by the River Walk. I took a few shots while I was down there.

I love taking photos of people. I love the interaction with those standing in front of my camera. Cracking jokes and letting them see who I see through my eyes. But it is fun to sometimes force myself to find the shot without having someone in front of me. To see the beauty that isn’t always beautiful, or maybe is.

I wish I had more time on the River Walk. There are so many details I would love to shoot. Living in Las Vegas, there is constant change to get rid of the old and make it new. So I was in love with the old buildings, brick and chipped paint. It was great.

Here is a few shots from the street and river boat.

As a photographer, I shouldn’t love sun flare, but I do.


I love it a LOT.

I have a lot of sessions to post, they are a-comin’, I promise!

Keep a look out!

He truly was a genius. And he changed the world.


A perfectly example of marketing genius. Of how to move those around you to change the world by words, pictures and examples. And more so, humbly not take credit for it, but be IT.  This is my favorite commercial of all time.