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lowophoto_AnneFrank Quote
As we enter in to June, I think about what I was doing last summer. I had the privilege to plan and partake in Girls Camp. I went to Girls Camp as a Young Woman from age 12-18. I loved it. I became a better person because of it. I was able to draw closer to God and become more aware of nature and the wonders of it. I understood more fully what it meant to see nature as a temple. I found this quote by Anne Frank while prepping for camp. I read it all the time now. It reminds this home body to go outside and be reminded that nature is a cure for any ailments I may have.
Happy Summer, everyone!!

As a photographer, I shouldn’t love sun flare, but I do.


I love it a LOT.

I have a lot of sessions to post, they are a-comin’, I promise!

Keep a look out!

The neighbors next door have grapevines that have been there for as long as I can remember. I see the leaves grow ever year, but I never see grapes. I figured it’s the weather. It is just so hot here in Vegas, it makes sense.


But then it happened, there were some grapes!!

My brother and I decided we need to try them. They were nice and warm from the sun. We decided if they weren’t good and going to die, we’d die at the same time. We popped them in our mouths, and well, they were grapes. I look over at my brother, he hadn’t bit down yet. So messed up. He left me to “die” alone!! So classic of a brother, right?!

A weekend or two ago, I was on my way home, kinda sorta passing by Red Rock and noticed how low the clouds were around the mountains. I had my camera on me, but not the lens I would normally use in this situation. So why not? Love me some shots of Red Rock.


I also didn’t have time to ride through Red Rock.


So I just quickly stopped, took a few pictures on the side of the road and off I went on my way.


Wish I could have stuck around and took pictures of the sunset because it was of course, BE-Eautiful.

When I loaded the pictures on my computer later, I didn’t realized I took this shot. It was completely on accident….purpose. Totally on purpose! I thought it was kinda a fun shot of the Red Rock, um…Red Rock sign? Or Red Rock, Rock? hahaha!

Pink haze….purple haze…it’s all a haze! haha!

In the name of photo of the day…here are a few I took on a day with a beautiful sky.