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Okay…not EVERY time, but pretty often.

I get sucked in and I fall in love and that’s it, it wins me over.

I’m talking about the weekly free song on iTunes.


I check it every week, and some of my current favorite bands are because iTunes has got the cheap sucker in me to download the free song and in the end, about 40-50% of the time, I purchase more music from the featured band. Okay wait a minute, that % seems kinda excessive. Let me clarify.

I use to download everything because it’s free, and I have plenty of room for more music, on my hard drive and of course, in my heart! But then I learned, I had songs on my iTunes I never listened to and down right hated. Strong word. Hate. I knooooow. True none the less. So I decided to be a bit more picky. So I download often and out of the often downloading, in the end, enjoy about 40-50% of them enough to go search and purchase more.

Well, here is a perfect moment to bring up the free song of the week.

Mayer Hawthorne. He is amazing. He throws down his musicality like no bodies business. His new album How Do You Do came out today, and one of the songs from the album is the free download of the week. GO GET IT!! He is amazing.

He can brag about playing all instruments and singing this entire album, including his last A Strange Arrangement. If you like classic R&B with some vintage S-O-U-L, this guys is for you. He will take you back and make you feel like the hip cool cat that HE is.

If you ever have the opportunity to see him live, it’s where he gets ya! He is a great performer.

Let me know what you think after you download it. I’d love to know. (:

I love music.

The entire time I have been rebuilding my website, I was going back and forth over what music to use. Do I add music at all?

Well, I decided to go with music I’ve been listening to a lot lately and put it into a play list.

I know what you are thinking, “What!? Lori, there is a lot of different music genres, some happy, some kinda downers (haha), some fast and slow, it doesn’t make sense. It’s all over the place.” I was constantly changing around the playlist. Even after I screen shot this picture, I added two more songs to it, and took one out.

There are some songs for certain times in life. I would hope everyone’s life soundtrack is constantly changing.

Aaaand sometimes songs are just fun to car dance to.

The new website will be up by the end of this week!! Keep a look out!