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This photo shoot was years in the making…literally!

I shot Nicole’s sister’s family a few years ago. It’s an unforgettable photo shoot, that you can check out here and here on my old blog. Nicole and I spent some time going back and forth over the years trying to find the right date and time and location for this photo shoot. She met Shawn three years ago, the sparks flew and have dated since. Nicole has become a part of this family of four and get a long great together. It’s a pea pod made for 5! (:

When we finally were able to get all our ducks in a row, we were pretty excited to shoot the pictures at the Neon Boneyard. I was a tad nervous for the time as we were shooting when the sun is the highest in the sky and it is extra bright, but I loved how the sun gave us some amazing natural reflections.

Here is the slide show with a lot more photos! Check it out below or here is the link which is MUCH better! (:

Bryan and Rachel are amazing. They both have great jobs and love to travel and are charming and funny and…well, you get it. Like I said, amazing! I was so jealous of their awesomeness that I pretty much wanted to hang out with them all day and hope some of their greatness would rub off on me. But unfortunately they had to catch a plane later that day, so shucks for me.

A few years back, Bryan was in England for work. Rachel lives in England. They happen to be at the same party. They got to talking and after a great evening getting to know each other, exchanged information figuring they’d just be pen pals. Funny thing happened though…they eventually became more than pals. They both decided to take some time off working and travel together. You know what they say, you really learn about the person you are dating once you travel with them! So obviously, traveling worked out for them and here we are…Bryan and Rachel getting married!

Bryan and Rachel decided to elope to Las Vegas and I was the lucky girl to help them remember this unforgettable trip! Our first stop was to the Neon Boneyard with some balloons requested by the bride (well done, Rachel). I haven’t shot there since the renovations, and let me tell you…it is awesome! It was a bright day, but there was so awesome overcast that made the light just perfect for shooting in a place like the Neon Boneyard. Unfortunately, Bryan was having some horrible dry eye problems, which cause a lot of light sensitivity (and I felt horrible I didn’t have any drops on me to help him out). He was a major trooper and kept apologizing to his new wife and to me. Poor guy. He was so worried we didn’t get any shots and that it was all his fault…I assured him that we got some great ones…take a look.

Look closely at the sign. It says: in love!! (:

Seriously…the natural light, the sky…AMAZING!

Rachel’s wedding dress is her mom’s…ahem, I mean mum’s wedding dress!

Below is my favorite shot for the Neon Boneyard location. Above shot was a close second.

We hit up the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign of course…

And then we headed over to the Wynn where the newlyweds stayed while they were here. Bryan was so sweet, while figuring out the next pose, he took a hold of Rachel’s hand and kissed it. (collective ‘aaaawwe’, all together now!)

Went for a little vintage look…whatta think?! (:

And this has to be my favorite shot of the day.

Slideshow has a ton more shots!! Check it out below or click here for music.