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I have known Jana for a few years now. She is classy. She is fun aaaaand she is a catch. I was so excited for her when she got engaged.

Jana met Reed through a friend. They were set up on a blind date…which can be debated…can any date be blind any more now that we have the internet, and more so, Facebook? I think not. (;  So Reed and Jana had a date, and then another, and then another. When I was talking to the two of them about how they met and how they became engaged, I was able to see how well they fit together.

One of my favorite things to see, as a wedding photographer, is the interaction between couples. Reed is funny, but he really can make Jana laugh. And what I like most about how he makes her laugh, a lot of the time, he is whispering it in her ear, or just so that she can hear it. He is always looking at her. Sometimes I am sure I can see his thoughts. I can tell by the way he looks at her of how lucky he feels that Jana is his.

One of my favorite things about Jana, she loves yellow. One of her wedding colors of course is yellow, which I am super excited about.

We took pictures on one of THE MOST humid days in Las Vegas this year. Though it was nice to not have an extremely hot sun on your neck, it was a kind of hot I am not a fan of. Humidity doesn’t get less humid in shade. You can’t hide from it. But Reed and Jana were troopers and we made it through a sticky day and ended with a beautiful hint of sun on our last shot.

Jana showing some fierceness!!! Looooove it!

Favorite shot of the day below! Love the light!!

Check out the slide show!! More in the slide show!

January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am so sorry, there has been some of you amazing folks trying to get a hold of me over the past few days…

I have been super sick!!

I was trying to be a good person and give blood earlier this week and well, the next morning I woke up feeling “weird”.  Then by mid day I could barely hold myself up I was so weak. And then all this congestion came around. I have done nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep some more.  I think I had something coming around the corner and giving blood just made my immune system go KA-put!

I am finally feeling like I have a little bit of energy, but I’m trying not to push myself and make it worse.

Be patient with me…I’m coming around and will try to get back to you all soon!

Thanks so much for understanding!

Aaaand take some vitamins! hahaha!